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The Journal of Irish Archaeology (JIA) is the journal of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland. It is a peer-reviewed, annual journal, comprising articles on Irish archaeology and related topics. Editorship of the journal changes every two years, rotating between the archaeology teaching staff in third-level institutions on the island of Ireland.

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The Journal of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland Edited by Helen Lewis Contents Ken Williams (Photgrapher and independent researcher) Megalithic art on the Great Circle at Newgrange and the implications for chronology  John Ó Néill (Senior archaeologist & Research Manager, IAC archaeology) A lost lunula from Moytirra East, County Sligo      Rena Maguire, Brian G. Scott and Laura Perucchetti (Archaeologists at UCD, QUB and British Musuem) A linchpin cap from Portstewart, Co. Antrim, and a harness ring possibly from Kilrea, Co. Londonderry Patrick Gleeson, James O’Driscoll, Gordon Noble, Eileen Murphy and Jacqueline McDowell (Archaeologists at QUB, University of Aberdeen, QUB and Historic Environment NI) Radiocarbon dating of human remains from Navan Fort: their implications for understanding the wider ceremonial complex Liamóg Roche (Postgraduate atTUI, Sligo) Examining the potential application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-based thermal imaging as a subset of archaeological remote sensing within Ireland’s climatic conditions Bruce Watson (Independent researcher) The study of medieval Irish bridges: a reappraisal of the archaeological, architectural and historical data Roisin O’Droma (Archaeologist at  IAC archaeology) First glimpses into food and fuel from a Napoleonic-era military kitchen in Ireland Charles Mount (Archaeologist at Bord na Mona) Preserving Ireland’s peatland archaeology: a summary of the Bord na Móna excavations Sharon A. Greene and Neil Jackman (Archaeologists at Abarta Heritage) Well-being and community archaeology in Ireland Plus book reviews.

Subjects: Ireland, Archaeology, History

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  • First Issue: Volume I 1983
  • Latest Issue: Volume XXXII 2023
  • Issue Count: 31
  • Published: Annually