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Networking - Catholic Education Today was set up in 1999 to provide Catholic educational organisations with a professional journal to engage and support their members’ interests and developmental needs. As a professional journal serving Catholic schools it seeks to inform, comment upon and celebrate all that is distinctive and important to its constituency, in addition to offering its partner organisations a vehicle for promoting their own activities. 

The journal works closely with a variety of Catholic agencies to produce a publication whose content and coverage is of a consistency and quality to earn it an enviable reputation.

Latest issue
Liverpool's Ecumenical Gem ...8-9 By Marie-Therese Lacey

Continued Spiritual Formation ...10-12 By Rev Dcn Michael Bennett

Buildings of Living Stones...13-15 By Dr Maureen Glackin

End of Empire: Thoughts on Pentecost...16-18 By Paul Rowan

CES News…19 By James Willsher

Why Shakespeare Should Be Taken Very Seriously

in Catholic Education …20-21By David Torevell

How does one Identify an Excellent Catholic School?...22-23 By Dr Max Engel

Life and Legacy: The Jesuit Martyrs in El Salvador...24-25 By Professor Stephen McKinney

Catholic Schools: Forming Leaders for

Today and Tomorrow...26-28 By Sr. Judith Russi

News from CATSC… 29-37

Dynamite in the Classroom ...38-39 By Raymond Friel

Social Action & the Power of Collaboration...40-41 By Sinead Smith

How should we be interpreting the 1944 Education Act? ...42-44 By Dr Sean Whittle

Book Review...45 By Anthony McNamara

Do Justice Campaign Launch...46-47 By Raymond Friel

ATCRE Annual Conference Report ...48-49 By Matthew Dell

Subjects: Education, Religion, Religion And Philosophy

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  • First Issue: May 2012
  • Latest Issue: Spring Term 2024
  • Issue Count: 44
  • Published: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 2514-3662