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Prospect has acquired a reputation as the most intelligent magazine of current affairs and cultural debate in Britain. Both challenging and entertaining, the magazine seeks to make complex ideas accessible and enjoyable by commissioning the best writers, editing them vigorously and packaging their work in a well designed and illustrated magazine.

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In the early 2000s, Britain’s cruellest newspapers spied on anyone who they thought might lead to a scoop. For the first time, Tom Lamont reveals the full story of how Prince Harry and a team of phone-hackers-turned-investigators ended up working towards the same end: exposing the bad behaviour of the tabloid press. Also in the magazine: Donald Macintyre reports on Israel’s shaking democracy and the fallout from Netanyahu’s divisive reforms. Mathilda Mallinson covers pollution in the Niger Delta and examines whether climate court cases can make a difference. Imogen West-Knights explores the gross physicality of Succession. And Ethan Zuckerman admits that he’s changed his mind about AI—ChatGPT makes too many false assumptions and must be closely interrogated.

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