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Prospect has acquired a reputation as the most intelligent magazine of current affairs and cultural debate in Britain. Both challenging and entertaining, the magazine seeks to make complex ideas accessible and enjoyable by commissioning the best writers, editing them vigorously and packaging their work in a well designed and illustrated magazine.

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The UK economy has been buffeted by severe shocks—Andrew Bailey is tasked with responding to them. The Bank of England chief sits down for an exclusive interview with Lionel Barber, who assesses how he has performed in the job at a time of crisis. Laurie Bristow, former UK ambassador to Moscow, asks how Britain should deal with the dysfunction of the Russian state in the long term. Jane Shaw laments the Church of England’s legacy of complicity in slavery. Julian Baggini speaks to Daniel Dennett, the magpie philosopher, while Cal Flyn reviews two new books about the wonder of the orchid—an obsession with this flower has gripped humankind for centuries. 

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  • First Issue: October 1995
  • Latest Issue: November 2023
  • Issue Count: 322
  • Published: Monthly
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