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105 issues
Reform is a fresh and challenging magazine exploring theology, ethics, personal spirituality and Christian perspectives on social and current affairs. 

The magazine is for thinking people who enjoy reading about Christian ideas from a range of viewpoints. It features writing from journalists, academics, politicians, campaigners, scientists and religious leaders.

As well as high-profile interviews, in-depth features and book, music and film reviews, Reform carries letters and a regular light-hearted column.

The magazine is published 10 times a year by the United Reformed Church but has readers from all Christian denominations, as well as readers from other faiths and from no faith tradition.

Latest issue
  • The autistic disciple
  • Does the Church have a problem with class? 
  • John Proctor on the crucifixion
  • In search of island chapels
  • How to be a preacher – conversation with Lucy Berry

Subjects: Philosophy, Religion, Religion And Philosophy

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  • First Issue: February 2014
  • Latest Issue: June 2024
  • Issue Count: 105
  • Published: Monthly
  • ISSN: 2515-2696