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Replica Man is a bi-annual magazine by the Re-Edition magazine team, focusing on male fashion and art photography. Often including street-cast models, the magazine takes an adventurous approach to exploring male aesthetic.

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With 14 stunning Covers RE-EDITION launches it’s 13 issue!

Presenting the most celebrated Artists of our time in the issue - 

Starting with our Cover story and conversation with Oscar winning actor  Eddie Redmayne  “I did a play once in London, Red, which we did at the Donmar Warehouse, then it transferred to New York. But that was about a month later. Having something lay for a couple of years before re- turning to it… It’s a weird mixture of hoping that the character has been sat there, ruminating, but there’s extraordinary excitement to start afresh and re-approach when some of the groundwork has been established.” WEddie Redmayne is talking Cabaret, and spe- cifically its new context. After his wildly successful run in London during a bizarre time (2021–22, the slipstream of the Covid era), the show is set to open the Kit Kat Club on Broadway this April, at the August Wilson Theatre. Unnerving and physical, with the ac- tor really harnessing his body, Redmayne’s West End portrayal of the Emcee wowed audiences and critics, landing him an Olivier for Best Actor in a Musical. The description ‘shape-shifting’ applies in every sense to this character. But Redmayne has long showed himself an actor of calibre: he got his first Olivier, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, for that John Logan play about Mark Rothko, getting on for fifteen years ago.

Following with the hyperpop pioneer, artist and producer A. G. Cook, The mind behind cult label and collective PC Music discusses how his bedroom pop beginnings catalysed the birth of a new subculture, why mastering the ego is key to producing, and the constant source of inspiration that springs from embracing creativity’s “polar opposites” 

+  Californian-born rapper and singer-songwriter Brooke Candy. Ahead of the drop of her sophomore album, the mercurial American rapper talks the inspirations behind her transgressive looks, how she pursued tattooing as a lifeline and her dream of a world free of private jets.

More in the issue with epic stories by Gabriel Moses X Georgia Pendlebury  + Moni Haworth X Zara Mirkin + Hart Leshkina X America Korban and a LOT more. 

Subjects: Applied Art, Fashion And Textiles, Fashion

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  • First Issue: Issue 9 - Summer/Autumn 2021
  • Latest Issue: Issue 13 - Spring/Summer 2024
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