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Replica Man is a bi-annual magazine by the Re-Edition magazine team, focusing on male fashion and art photography. Often including street-cast models, the magazine takes an adventurous approach to exploring male aesthetic.

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Replica - Issue 12 - Autumn 2023

In conversation with UFO 361

Alongside Berghain, Club Maté and the bomber jacket, Ufo 361 is among the list of cultural icons
that epitomize life in 21st-century Berlin. Born as Ufuk Bayraktar just two years before the fall of the
wall, the German rapper of Turkish descent has evolved from a local hero into a global superstar in
the span of his musical career. His development as an artist over the past two decades mirrors that
of the city he still calls home––which has shed its reputation as a gritty, war-torn metropolis and become
one of the world’s most alluring and consequential capitals of culture. Despite its tremendous
growth, Berlin still (thankfully) remains a city of misfits and a haven for alternative lifestyles––which
is yet another aspect of his hometown that Ufo 361 embodies in his work and persona.
By fusing the sounds of the Atlanta trap movement into the tradition of German rap, Ufo 361 helped
create a new mold for what the genre could be and achieve in the 2010s. His mission now is to shatter
that same mold––and to build something even more complex, ambitious and meaningful.
As a previous member of the famous THC graffiti crew, Ufo 361 has always, in some way, been striving
to bring art to the masses. While the messages of his music have reached hundreds of millions,
Ufo––whose real name “Ufuk” means horizon––is now challenging his listenership to appreciate
and accept new forms of culture, by collaborating with powerhouse brands like Vetements and
Balenciaga and embedding himself in the cosmos of creative people that surround them. At dinnertime
on a weekday in Berlin, Ufo 361 spoke to Replica Man about fashion, fatherhood and the
value of new horizons.

I support multitasking! What did you order? It’s Vietnamese, really healthy. I ordered some papaya salad––extra, extra spicy and some noodles! I come here like three times a week. 

I’m not surprised to see you’re wearing Vetements. You’ve been collaborating a lot with them recently. Can you tell me about that? Wearing a lot of Vetements and Balenciaga makes sense for me because a lot of what they are doing is street art inspired. Going to fashion shows has really opened my eyes to a new way of doing things. I am trying to wear atypical stuff, like wear dresses and have long nails––things that aren’t “Deutschrap.”
I am not a typical German [rap] artist. I’m not arrogant, I just can't really identify with them. There are just a few artists in Germany that are doing things that interest me, but that’s maybe three from 200. 

Cassidy George in conversation with UFO 361. Read the full interview in Replica Man 12. 

Subjects: Art And Design, Fashion

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  • First Issue: Issue 9 - Summer/Autumn 2021
  • Latest Issue: Issue 12 - Autumn 2023
  • Issue Count: 4
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