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 The Book Collector is a quarterly journal, in print and online, offering 192 pages per issue of wit, pleasure and knowledge on all aspects of the book through all ages. We have anything up to ten articles every time, book reviews, obituaries, prices at book auctions and a section on world-wide book chat. We’ve produced special issues on Ian Fleming (our founder), Polar Exploration and Women among Books. Our online archive, which goes back to 1947, is a resource for both students and academics that’s second to none.

Latest issue
Contents for Spring 2024:
  • From Oflag VII C to King‘s College, Cambridge: The Correspondence of A. N. L. Munby and W. S. Lewis Stephen Clarke
  • The Marvellous Monsieur Sardou, Part 3 Victoria Dailey
  • Spectro Gasp Bła ej Mikuła
  • Edward Killingworth Johnson‘s Illustrations for Rider Haggard‘s ’She‘ in The Graphic Simon Cooke
  • Marginalia in Mary Shelley‘s Frankenstein Anthony Tedeschi
  • Paratexts in Fénelon‘s Télémaque: The 1719 Edition by Hofhout and Wetstein Frans A. Janssen
  • William Beckford‘s Poetry: with Notes and Observations about Misattributions Robert J. Gemmett
  • B. S. Johnson: The Novelist Who Wasn‘t Philip Gooden
  • Lost Friends, Part 8 Brian Alderson
  • Leo Cadogan, The Markham Interviews (New Series) 31 Sheila Markham
  • Two Mosaic Bindings Made in Paris for Maria Leczinska, c.1750: English and Foreign Bookbindings, 153 Mirjam M. Foot

Subjects: Arts, Books, Culture, Literature

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  • First Issue: No. 1, 1947
  • Latest Issue: Spring 2024
  • Issue Count: 297
  • Published: Quarterly