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Established in 1935, Geographical is the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society and one of the leading magazines in its field, with stunning photography, great writing and first class design. 

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Whether it’s a professional interest you hold or merely a casual curiosity for the world around you, Geographical will doubtless prove informative, enlightening and inspiring. 

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At Geographical we receive many ideas for stories based on the efforts being made to save a particular species from total or local extinction. All are worthy and important projects, and it is not always easy to choose which to focus on. If there is one thing humans are finally learning, it is that every creature, be it large, cute and ‘charismatic’, as common parlance puts it, or smaller, more hidden and less instantly appealing to human eyes, plays a vital role within its ecosystem. Still, we cannot cover them all. 

Mark Stratton’s story about Andean condors (page 56) stood out as a contender for these pages partly because of the sheer majesty of these huge birds and their scenic home. Elsewhere in the magazine this month we tackle a wide range of fascinating subjects, from shifting demographics across Africa’s hugely diverse countries (page 22) to the glorious world of painted Japanese manhole covers (page 64). And be sure to take look at our interview with renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado (page 38) whose words are both reflective and inspiring. 

Subjects: Culture, Environmental, Nature, Travel

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