British Journal of Healthcare Assistants

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British Journal of Healthcare Assistants (BJHCA) supports the career development of healthcare assistants (HCAs) and assistant practitioners (APs). BJHCA helps to meet the learning outcomes of the Quality and Credit Framework diploma qualifications. 

Subscribe to British Journal of Healthcare Assistants for: • Peer-reviewed clinical articles designed to aid your development • Key articles to assist your education and training. BJHCA highlights appropriate training courses and provides in-depth information about future learning and understanding in important areas of practice • Essential up-to-date information on concerns facing HCAs and APs in the workplace • Expert discussion on clinical and professional issues, including articles on the different roles available to HCAs and APs, as well as patient case studies

Improve your knowledge and skills in all areas of practice for all HCAs and APs. Raise your awareness of best practice with highly practical examples, and articles that are packed full of information specifically designed to keep you up-to-date in all the essential topics relevant to healthcare.

Subjects: Business And Professional, Healthcare, Medical Career, Science And Technology

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  • First Issue: June 2014
  • Latest Issue: June 2024
  • Issue Count: 119
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