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HR is the single most stimulating source of strategic, people-centric, business advice, practice and dialogue. For people-focused, forward-thinking, business leaders who want insight into, and examples of, business-contextualised HR to develop high-performing organisations. HR will always seek to give meaningful, relevant and useful business focus to its content. HR magazine does not provide you with 'same old story', but instead always looks to present information strategically.

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Moving on up: assessing the options for HR looking to advance their careers
HR has had a tough few years, and it’s no surprise that some HR leaders are looking to 
jump ship and try something new. 

The May/June cover story is for the HR directors and chief people officers who have found their way 
to the top of the profession and are considering their next move. It also looks at what is driving trends in HR careers and where HR can really add value to the c-suite. 

Also in the May/June issue:  Who supports HR? : Where people professional can turn when things go wrong
Profile: Chief people and sustainability at McLaren Racing Daniel Gallo discusses   leadership in professional sports and improving diversity in Formula 1

Pensions: How employers can better improve pensions education

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