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Organic Farming magazine is the UK's leading magazine on organic farming and growing. Published three times a year by the Soil Association, each edition keeps readers up-to-date with the latest news, policy issues and market information. There are technical features and reports on the latest field labs and research, covering all aspects of organic farming and growing.

Typical content includes:

· latest organic news

· features on livestock, horticulture and general farming topics

· research

· technical articles on soil, livestock, horticulture and arable topics

· interviews

· case histories

· business and market news

· update on the research and field labs carried out under the Innovative Farmers banner

Latest issue
After a year in which weather and cost of living crisis were making headlines,  we can only hope that 2024 brings more cheer.  Organic For All is a phrase that we will be hearing a lot in the coming months and beyond, and for good reason. The percentage of land under organic management in the UK is around 3%, lower than the peak of 2008. Contrast that to Europe where the value has soared to 10% and there are EU targets of 25% and more by 2030. Here, organic is still seen as elitist and expensive, with limited choices in supermarkets but, cross the Channel, and you find aisles of reasonably priced  organic produce.  The Soil Association, working with other organic organisations, is looking to change to change the way in which organic is valued and supported. Helen Browning introduces the new endeavour, Organic for All, on page 6 and Sarah Compson outlines the pathway for achieving these goals in her article (page 22) and she urges everyone to get involved. A few months ago, the organic world was shocked by the untimely passing of Richard Young, who was a much admired advocate of organic farming. Patrick Holden remembers Richard and outlines some of his very many achievements (page 20). The BOOM awards include two farming categories, Best Organic Farm over 10 hectares and the Best of Organic Smallholdings and Market Gardens. You can read about the winners and the runners up on page 33.  Elsewhere, we have articles on the inaugural agroforestry show, guidance of dealing with waterlogged soils, new approaches to controlling bird flu, growing trees as pollinators and growing organic oats plus the inspirational work of Growing Well in Cumbria.

Subjects: Business And Professional, Ecology, Environmental, Farming

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  • First Issue: Winter 2012
  • Latest Issue: Winter 2024
  • Issue Count: 35
  • Published: Three times a year
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