Oxford Poets 2010 - An Anthology

David Constantine, Robyn Marsack & Bernard O'Donoghue

The first Oxford Poets anthology established as an editorial principal ‘no programme beyond a desire to represent the best’. The series has unfolded as a record of contemporary poetry, and this sixth collection maintains the qualities of lively eclecticism, inventiveness and intelligence that have made the anthologies one of the most engaging samplers of current writing. The poets here include new writers and those who have become more widely known; writers whose imaginative and linguistic worlds span decades and continents; those who remake traditional forms and those who experiment beyond them. Their individual voices are distinctive; they share a commitment to the possibilities of poetry to explore and translate the world.

Subjects: Literature, Poetry

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This title is available in the following collections: Carcanet Collection  

  • Author: David Constantine, Robyn Marsack & Bernard O'Donoghue
  • Publisher: Carcanet
  • ISBN: 9781903039984