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Speedway Star is a weekly publication giving news from speedway tracks to enthusiasts and riders. It contains news from events and meetings around the world as well as interviews with riders, results from the weeks competitions and more!

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COMETS hotshot Tate Zischke has been making waves in the Cab Direct Championship since landing a team place at Workington – and will forever be grateful for the backing he receives from his main Australian sponsor Ivor Harm, as well as support from Darcy Ward. In this week’s magazine, he reveals: “We were speaking to a few clubs and Darcy and I both felt Workington was the best one. Darcy helps me with everything, from eating healthy to race craft, running my business and talking to clubs. Everything he’s learnt over the years, he’s passing onto me, which is amazing. When I started out, Darcy was the main one I looked up to. I was always watching him, even before he started helping me, and Chris Holder, Doyley and all Aussie riders to be honest. But the main one was Darcy and now to have him actually on my side, it’s crazy!”

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