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Speedway Star is a weekly publication giving news from speedway tracks to enthusiasts and riders. It contains news from events and meetings around the world as well as interviews with riders, results from the weeks competitions and more!

The World's leading speedway publication, a subscription to Speedway Star offers unrivalled coverage of the sport where ever and when ever it takes place. Now available as an online edition for the same price no matter where you are in the world.

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FRONT cover star Craig Cook may feel as though events conspired against him given the trials and tribulations of a difficult 2023 campaign, capped by the dreadful crash at Edinburgh that seriously injured track photographer Peter Hill. But the former GP star is keen to get his career back on an upwards trajectory next summer and reveals: “I did have the back injury at the start of the year and that went again. Then at the end of the season obviously I had that big crash at Edinburgh. That kind of messed me up. It did play with my emotions a bit. Did it end my season? I would think so. It did affect me a lot. My whole body came out in a massive rash and stuff like that, just down to pure stress and worry.” 

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