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Swara magazine, the journal of the East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS), has championed  environmental and wildlife conservation for over sixty years. It has helped shape legislation and policy designed to protect natural resources, galvanized discussion on how best to solve conservation problems and connect networks for advocacy.
Swara is at the vanguard of nature conservation advocacy across East Africa and the rest of the world where it is distributed to all EAWLS members. The magazine carries out its mandate through highlighting environmental issues, showcasing the biodiversity of different ecosystems and sharing real life experiences of the wild.
The journal is also a collaborative platform for sharing information, enabling useful connections and fostering better public understanding and debate on emerging environmental challenges, including the consequences of climate change.
Latest issue
·       Impact of Uganda's mountain gorillas on local economies
·       The vital role of sea turtles in marine ecosystems
·       Indigenous East African flowering trees with vibrant blooms
·       The spectacle and ecological implications of butterfly migration
·       Exploring Ethiopia's Bale Mountains National Park

Subjects: Environment, Environmental, Non Fiction

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