The Strad

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128 issues
The Strad is the trusted and influential monthly string music magazine read by players, teachers and makers since 1890. It is essential reading for anyone in the string music world.

Along with the latest news, reviews and leading opinions, each month the magazine includes:

  •  Exclusive Masterclasses with commentary and sheet music annotated by international concert artists.
  • In-depth articles examining important and unusual instruments by the master makers.
  • Interviews with star string players and retrospectives on great musicians of the past.
  • Reports on the latest advances in instrument research and technology.
Latest issue
We talk to Baroque violinist Rachel Podger and examine a bow that might possibly have come from Stradivari’s workshop. There’s a focus on the new generation of double bass players and a look back at the career of cello pedagogue Christopher Bunting. Plus Tasmin Little’s Life Lessons and Simone Lamsma’s Sentimental Work.

Subjects: Classical, Music, String, Violin

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  • First Issue: January 2014
  • Latest Issue: August 2024
  • Issue Count: 128
  • Published: Monthly