Introducing Psychotherapy: A Graphic Guide

Nigel Benson & Borin van Loon

What exactly is psychotherapy?

There are now an astonishing number of treatments available for different mental health issues – in fact the sheer variety of them can be bewildering. This graphic guide simplifies that complex terrain, covering the ‘talking cures’ of psychoanalysis, behavioural and cognitive techniques, somatic solutions, humanist gestalt and existential approaches, individual and group therapies, and lesser-known complementary and alternative treatments.

Introducing Psychotherapy is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking help for themselves or someone else, and provides essential information on theory and practice for those considering training as a counsellor, therapist or any other welfare-based role.

Subjects: Psychology, Science And Technology

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  • Author: Nigel Benson & Borin van Loon
  • Editor: n/a
  • Publisher: Icon Books
  • ISBN: 9781848313446