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Antique Collecting is the ‘go-to’ source for industry news, expert advice and all the latest trends. Subscribe today and start learning insider secrets from the world’s leading specialists. Since it launched in 1966, Antique Collecting has provided in-depth analysis of the current market, predicting booms before they happened. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced dealer, Antique Collecting offers a clear picture of the fast-changing world of antiques with its easy-to-understand guides. From mid-century modern to 17th-century oak, Antique Collecting is the definitive guide for buyers, sellers and collectors.

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“If I had to recommend one antiques magazine to the general collector, it would be Antique Collecting.” David Battie, BBC Antiques Roadshow

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In this month′s issue: Coronation Seat: Stephanie Connell’s essential low down on coronation furniture through the ages and the most collectable designs Lambeth Way: Art pottery by Doulton Lambeth presents a dizzying array of designs for collectors. On the eve of an important sale, Antique Collecting reports Love is in the Heir: Important marriages in the 15th century were more about political alliance than love, Lucy Whittaker lifts the lid Birthday Bard: On the 400th-anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare’s First Folio, book specialist Adam Douglas reveals what it means for collectors Counter Intelligence: As retail goes increasingly online, the demand for antique shop fittings has never been greater. Dealers reveal the makers to look for Life in Colour: The career and work of the pioneering photographer Madame Yevonde is put in focus by Maudji Mendel Crowning Glories: Edward Rycroft looks back on generations of royal commemorative ware and the most sought-after designs All the latest news from the auction houses and antique fairs

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