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Archaeology Ireland magazine, published every quarter since 1987, provides a comprehensive range of articles, news and features. Content covers numerous areas in archaeology including science, art, architecture, history, geography, economics, sociology, anthropology, religion and more. The magazine offers readers a broad range of well-researched, lavishly illustrated articles on a range of topics at an accessible level to all, whether it’s a passing or professional interest. Archaeology Ireland is a key reference guide for students, visitors from abroad, those in the field, and all archaeology fans with an interest in Ireland’s archaeological wonders.

All issues of Archaeology Ireland, from the first one in 1987 to the latest quarterly edition, are now available as digital editions with a fully searchable digital archive, creating an invaluable resource of over 120 issues of well-researched and lavishly illustrated articles, as well as over 80 Heritage Guide supplements that study a range of Irish archaeological sites in fine-combed detail.

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EXPLORING PLACE AND TIME A creative archaeological approach to learning and interpretation] SAVING KNOCK IVEAGH ICE HOUSES ECHOES OF THE NEOLITHIC AT IRISH STONE CIRCLES Ken Williams shares the discovery of megalithic art at Grange Stone Circle, Co. Limerick LIFE CONTINUES AS THE HEARTH FIRE IS ETERNAL Stephen A. Brighton considers daily life in rural Ireland at the turn of the twentieth century as seen through cabin ruins LEAMANEH CASTLE PICKING THE PAST FROM TEETH Robert C. Power explains how dental calculus can shed light on past diets TIME AND TIDE Colin Rynne provides an overview of early medieval tide-mills Heritage Guide to: Dún Ailinne: a centre for large-scale ritual and ceremony in County Kildare

Argomenti: Archaeology, History

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  • Primo numero Autumn 1987
  • Ultimo Numero: Spring 2023
  • Totale numeri: 143
  • Pubblicato: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 2565-6066