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The British Journal of Midwifery (BJM) is the premier journal for midwives, containing a wealth of clinical, professional and educational peer-reviewed content focused on midwifery and women's health. The journal publishes the most relevant and up-to-date original research, best practice and clinical reviews.

Subscribe to BJM today and benefit from: · Clinical practice updates to keep your knowledge current · Research that will inform clinical practice, now and in the future · Essential information on midwives' issues and concerns, including advice about professional development · Reviews of the important legal issues and responsibilities relevant to midwifery · An informal look at the latest developments in midwifery · Teaching methods and innovative ways to educate student midwives · A roundup of the latest events, including presentations, talks and debates

BJM aims to challenge readers to reflect on and evaluate their own practice. The journal covers the full spectrum of midwifery from antenatal through to postpartum care and support, including issues of neonatal care. Improve your knowledge and skills in all areas of practice and enjoy articles written and peer-reviewed by prominent authorities in the profession. 

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This month’s issue of BJM has a variety of articles, including research, clinical practice, professional and a birthwrite piece from Renata Boreham. 

Our research section includes an analysis of a specialist service for non-pregnant women with female genital mutilation, and an exploration of maternal mortality and morbidity in Pakistan. We also include a literature review examining carbetocin vs oxytocin during third stage labour in low- and middle-income countries. 

Other articles this month include a clinical practice article that appraises a supportive safety tool in the East of England and a professional piece exploring initial care during a miscarriage in the emergency department. 

We also have two comment articles, one on the use of human donor milk in maternity settings, and one on an interesting new initiative, the ‘Ockenden café’.

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