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An invaluable resource for potters, ceramicists, ceramic artists, collectors, enthusiasts and students, Ceramic Review has been inspiring ceramics communities since 1970.

Combining authoritative writing with top-quality photography, the bi-monthly magazine contains a range of features on historic and contemporary practice, as well as valued technical information, masterclasses, auction coverage for collectors, exclusive interviews and signposts to key events and exhibitions.

If you are passionate about ceramics, pottery, art and design, Ceramic Review will provide you with a window into the diverse workings of potters, ceramic artists, collectors and galleries from across the world.

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CR 327 explores the crossroads of tradition and innovation, from Robin Levien’s use of cutting-edge technology and the expressive malleability of clay evident in Xanthe Somers’ vibrant work, to the kinetic energy evoked by Rachel Grimshaw’s pieces.

Elena Howard discusses the creative fusion of ceramics and artificial intelligence.

Anne Butler’s intricate body of work reflects on obsolete technologies.

Beth Williamson reviews Jacqueline Poncelet’s solo exhibition ‘
In the Making’.

Bert Jones tells us about his joy in crafting elegant domestic ware and the art of functionality. 

Ant & Di Edmonds share the processes and techniques used to create their Pueblo Indian-inspired pots.

Tim Andrews reveals the techniques behind his raku-fired lidded pots and Matthew Blakely shares a Chun glaze recipe.

Argomenti: Applied Art, Art, Ceramics, Crafts, Design

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