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Discover everything you need to know about archaeology in Britain with Current Archaeology, the UK's favourite archaeology magazine.

A digital subscription to Current Archaeology magazine gives you access to 50 years of the latest ground-breaking archaeological research, at home or on the move, at any time of day or night.

Every month you will hear directly from the archaeologists themselves, so you get the full story: why the excavators went there, how they made their discoveries, what they found, why it's important, and, of course, what it all means. But don't take our word for it – through the informative photographs and stunning aerial images you can see the archaeology for yourself.

Explore the archaeology of all periods – from Prehistory and ancient human origins, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain, and the Middle Ages right through to modern times – Current Archaeology covers it all. Lively opinion pieces keep you informed on all the debates currently taking place within archaeology – and why they matter. Discover the best books to read and which museums you should visit with our discerning review section, and never miss an event with our monthly listings page.

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  • Warham Camp: exploring an Iron Age enigma in Norfolk
  • Tracing Sarmatian cavalry in Britain
  • Resurrecting Imber’s ‘ghost village’
  • Religion and royalty at medieval Ferns
  • Making sense of the Knaresborough Hoard
  • An ancient jigsaw puzzle: reconstructing a Roman arm guard
Plus: News, Reviews, Science Notes, Museum News, Conference, Sherds, Odd Socs, and more

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