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Garden Rail covers all aspects of outdoor model railways. It is aimed at established converts to the hobby, as well as those yet to desert their indoor layouts and discover the real potential of large-scale modelling in an outdoor setting. The magazine is a monthly publication.

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A 100-year-old model railway? The Fairplex Garden Railroad was established in Los Angeles in 1924 as part of a model boat display. Now it is home to over 10,000 feet of G gauge track, and some stunning scenery, operated by a trained team of volunteers. 

On the workbench, we have: 
Building a trestle bridge
Anglicising Bachmann's “Big Hauler”
3D printing an Irish railcar
Making a DHR van
Painting people
Scratchbuilding GVT coaches

Plus all the latest Product News for the garden railway enthusiast.

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