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Established in 1935, Geographical is the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society and one of the leading magazines in its field, with stunning photography, great writing and first class design. 

 - Keep up to date with the world, its people and its places through our news pages and topical features on nature and conservation

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Whether it’s a professional interest you hold or merely a casual curiosity for the world around you, Geographical will doubtless prove informative, enlightening and inspiring. 

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Percolating through this special oceans issue are news stories, features, opinion pieces, book reviews and photo galleries with a common theme: the importance of our oceans. As we increase our knowledge of the complex interdependencies that sustain biodiversity, it becomes increasingly obvious that there would be no life on our blue planet without healthy oceans. It’s also increasingly obvious that we can no longer continue to degrade our oceans with impunity. We now know that extracting tin ore from the oceans to keep us supplied with ever fancier mobile phones and other gadgets (see Dredging the depths Page 20) has terrible costs, and that the destruction of seagrass beds (see Blue seagrass of home Page 30) is also taking away a vital carbon sink in a warming planet.

Argomenti: Culture, Environmental, Nature, Travel

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