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HR is the single most stimulating source of strategic, people-centric, business advice, practice and dialogue. For people-focused, forward-thinking, business leaders who want insight into, and examples of, business-contextualised HR to develop high-performing organisations. HR will always seek to give meaningful, relevant and useful business focus to its content. HR magazine does not provide you with 'same old story', but instead always looks to present information strategically.

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The Productivity Problem
The UK’s productivity rate is much lower than the US, France and Germany. It’s an issue that has plagued businesses since the last financial crash, with many companies setting productivity as a key measurement of overall business success.
Our cover story looks at what’s causing the UK to lag behind its overseas counterparts, and why HR is perfectly poised to turn the tide.
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Health and wellbeing: With economic inactivity due to long-term sickness hitting record levels, HR has a critical role in improving health, wellbeing, talent and business outcomes.

Diversity and inclusion: Are performance improvement plans a fair way to communicate expectations, or a failure of inclusivity?

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