Introducing Feminism: A Graphic Guide

Cathia Jenainati & Judy Groves

Introducing Graphic Guides  

Is biology destiny? Why is the personal political? Is pornography anti-feminist?

The term ‘feminism’ came into English usage around the 1890s, but women’s conscious struggle to resist discrimination and sexist oppression goes much further back.

Cathia Jenainati and Judy Groves highlight the key social, political and literary ideas which have shaped our thinking about the status of women across the globe, and tell the story of remarkable individuals who actively challenged and changed traditions, social customs and laws.

Surveying the major developments that have affected women’s lives from the 17th century to the present day, this book is an invaluable reference for anyone seeking the story of how feminism reconfigured the world for women and men alike.

Argomenti: News And Politics

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  • Autore: Cathia Jenainati & Judy Groves
  • A cura di: n/a
  • Editore: Icon Books
  • ISBN: 9781848311213