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Journal of Paramedic Practice (JPP) is the only monthly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to professional development and best practice in emergency care. It provides paramedics with evidence-based, clinical and practical information, so that they can enhance their knowledge in important areas of practice, and ultimately become more confident and capable emergency professionals.

The editor says:

"Every issue of JPP includes a mix of clinical articles and professional guidance, to deliver practical and accessible support for paramedics who want to improve their skills in practice. The journal is designed with readers' continuing professional development in mind, as we are committed to providing paramedics with the tools and information they need to reach their full potential."

Aysha Mendes

Editor, Journal of Paramedic Practice

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In our June issue of the Journal of Paramedic Practice, Ulrich and colleagues examine female paramedics’ attitudes’ towards career progression in the ambulance service as women are poorly represented as advanced paramedic practitioners in critical care. Meanwhile, in research, Smith et al compare biphasic manual and semi-automatic external defibrillation. This issue also includes a commentary of a systematic review examining video vs direct laryngoscopy for adults undergoing endotracheal intubation while our comment section is brimming with content including discussions on topics such as vaccines and drug infusions. Don’t miss this issue for all of this and more!

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