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Minerva is the leading international publication focusing on ancient art, archaeology, museums, and exhibitions. Enjoyed by academics and non-specialists alike, Minerva publishes a broad range of articles, new items, book reviews, interviews, and travel features, as well as a calendar of upcoming events.

Published bi-monthly, Minerva presents a blend of stories, covering history, art, archaeology, and mythology. Each issue is packed with features written by leading historians, archaeologists, and curators drawn from the world’s leading museums and universities.

Our subjects range from recent archaeological finds and excavations and current museum and gallery exhibitions, to art, music and literature inspired by the ancient world. Time periods covered extend from prehistory, the pre-Columbian Americas, aboriginal Australia, Ancient Egypt, the Graeco-Roman world, and Near and Far Eastern antiquity right up to, and including, the medieval period.

Ultimo numero

- Rituals and rulers: the rise of royalty in prehistoric Europe 
- Face to face: exploring interpretations of the Fayum mummy portraits 
- Discovering wooden wonders at Herculaneum 
- In the lap of luxury: drinking and decadence in the ancient Persian and Greek worlds 
- Touring Siena’s medieval monuments

Argomenti: Art And Design, Archaeology, History, International

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