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Narrow Gauge World is the only newsstand magazine that puts narrow gauge centre stage. Yesterday’s history, today’s news and tomorrow’s projects are all covered in detail in our pages.

We uncover fascinating stories from the rich and varied history of the narrow gauge, we carry unrivalled in-depth news coverage, we feature the many new projects, talking directly to the people involved, on today’s busy and vibrant narrow gauge, in the UK and across the globe. Our photography is a highlight, from period pictures often published for the first time, to the best work from today’s photographers, used big and bold.

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In the June edition of Narrow Gauge World we cover all the latest 
happenings as the railway seasons get into top gear, and follow locos 
going on tour to new locations
We witness the unveiling of a brand-new loco at the Perrygrove Railway
We mark the 150th anniversary of the Isle of Man Railway in both 
full-size and model form
And we focus on the final days of industrial narrow gauge on the Irish 
peat bogs
James Waite starts a three-part series on Alpine lines
And Donald Brooks recalls old and new steam in India.
Plus our unrivalled 10 pages of news coverage including planning 
disappointment at Bala and a potential threat to Manx heritage narrow 
gauge, all the essential dates for June and the best narrow gauge 
photography, in Narrow Gauge World.

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