New African

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Every month over 220,000 people read New African to keep abreast with the affairs from the continent.

Published continuously since 1966, the English language monthly has consistently brought an African point of view to international news. It is the essential magazine for government officials, businessmen, professionals and Africa-watchers.

New African is distributed in over 100 countries, and consulted whenever Africa is mentioned. The leading commentator on African affairs and Africa’s best selling magazine.

Ultimo numero

The May June issue of Africa’s most trusted magazine, New African takes deeper and more original views on the political and cultural forces shaping the continent. The Cover Story, for example, examines the hidden forces that determine Nigeria’s political dispensation while expert analysis explains why the Amhara in Ethiopia are up in arms and the editorial pleads for an end to the mayhem in Sudan. But on the positive side, a major report shows why Senegal is one of the fastest growing economies in the world – and also why the world is dancing to Africa’s tune. As always, the best reads on the continent.

Argomenti: Africa, Business, International, News, News And Politics

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  • Primo numero January 1977
  • Ultimo Numero: May/June 2023
  • Totale numeri: 493
  • Pubblicato: Bimestrale
  • ISSN: 2051-3054