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The New Statesman is Britain's leading and most authoritative weekly political, cultural and current affairs magazine. Irreverent, beautifully written and witty, the New Statesman is the essential read for bright thinkers everywhere. The magazine’s award-winning team of editors and contributors seek to engage readers with great writing, arresting photography, intelligent analysis, bold campaigns and trenchant argument. For a century, our mission has been to provide readers with a rigorous examination of political culture as well as to amuse and entertain.

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The Trauma Ward: the hidden childbirth crisis devastating lives and costing the NHS billions, by Hannah Barnes, plus 
  • Andrew Marr on Labour and the world
  • Peter Ricketts on why the UK must stop arming Israel
  • Spring Books Special featuring:
    Margaret Drabble on Virginia Woolf
    Ed Conway on Will Hutton
    Kathleen Jamie on the British Museum
    Suzanne Moore on David Bowie
    Ryan Ruby on The Talented Mr Ripley
    Caroline Lucas: the book that changed me

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