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Organic Farming magazine is the UK's leading magazine on organic farming and growing. Published three times a year by the Soil Association, each edition keeps readers up-to-date with the latest news, policy issues and market information. There are technical features and reports on the latest field labs and research, covering all aspects of organic farming and growing.

Typical content includes:

· latest organic news

· features on livestock, horticulture and general farming topics

· research

· technical articles on soil, livestock, horticulture and arable topics

· interviews

· case histories

· business and market news

· update on the research and field labs carried out under the Innovative Farmers banner

Ultimo numero

Our cover feature, Better farming for all, looks at Soil Association Exchange. Its clear that going forwards all farmers and growers will need to transition to a more agroecological approach and Soil Association Exchange is helping them to achieve this. Producers need to be able to measure what is happening on their farms and work out what need to be done to improve. Exchange is developing a methodology that can look at a farm’s impacts over six key indications including soil health and biodiversity (page 22). Once it was hardly worth the effort of shearing sheep, the price for wool was so poor. But things are changing. Marianne Landzettel takes a look at organic wool and the good news is that the demand for organic wool from Britain just keeps on growing (page 20). Last year, two organic farmers topped the Farmers’ Weekly Awards. In this issue, Julie Cleijne interviews Beef Farmer of the Year, Simon Cutter of Model Farm in Shropshire (page 33). Elsewhere are articles on soil health, stockless systems and standards, integrated pest management and the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway.

Argomenti: Business And Professional, Ecology, Environmental, Farming

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