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Organic Farming magazine is the UK's leading magazine on organic farming and growing. Published three times a year by the Soil Association, each edition keeps readers up-to-date with the latest news, policy issues and market information. There are technical features and reports on the latest field labs and research, covering all aspects of organic farming and growing.

Typical content includes:

· latest organic news

· features on livestock, horticulture and general farming topics

· research

· technical articles on soil, livestock, horticulture and arable topics

· interviews

· case histories

· business and market news

· update on the research and field labs carried out under the Innovative Farmers banner

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Welcome to our Spring issue, the theme of which is Routes to Market. We  explore ways of getting more organic produce to market, as well as making it more affordable and accessible. We look at the issues of getting non-commodity grains to market and role of small abattoirs in local meat supply chains. Local business in Scotland are benefiting from the success of East Ayrshire Council in getting organic and sustainable food into school meals. Our technical articles include soil health, cow-calf contact dairy systems, and role of polycultures in supporting more biodiversity. 

Argomenti: Business And Professional, Ecology, Environmental, Farming

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