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Siegfried is a quarterly publication delicately balanced between the past and the present. We republish fine writing and art, and champion new artists and writers whose work nods respectfully to the past as it reaches hopefully toward the future.

In the pages of Siegfried, you will find two aesthetic realms: art and writing — two modes of comprehending life that offer both stimulation and succour. These qualities are evident in our diverse, if sympathetic, body of work: you will find, for instance, Henry David Thoreau sharing ink with Saki and 19th century poets being freshly interpreted by 20th century artists.

Our motto is “Curiosity and Courage.” It envisions the kindred spirit we believe you to be. You are too courageous to retreat from the elements of modern life that chafe against your old soul, yet too curious to dismiss what the past has bequeathed us. Siegfried offers you a middle ground between the old and new, a place where art and writing are challenging and comforting.

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Within the pages of our Spring 2023 issue, we are pleased to feature: Sarah Orne Jewett • William Hazlitt • Poetry by Willa Cather and Amy Lowell • Fine art by Winslow Homer, James Bulwer, and many more. 

Argomenti: Art And Design, Literature

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