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STIR is a quarterly magazine that promotes new economic alternatives, exploring where the social economy, the commons and civic society come together. We feature original illustrations, long-form interviews, and in-depth articles that move beyond traditional political commentary to explore the inspiring and viable alternatives that present a serious challenge to the current political crisis.

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B Corp: The certification that won’t save the planet — Michael O'Regan

Flatpack Democracy: Was it either? — Peter MacFadyen

Interview: Claire Dunning on Nonprofit Neighbourhoods

Extract from Nonprofit Neighbourhoods by Claire Dunning (University of Chicago Press)

‍Democratic Business Series Interview: Where's the Evidence?

Municipal Power: Local initiatives for public-good energy transitions — Rowan Mataram

Small is Beautiful – but is it still relevant? – A reflection on the anniversary of E.F. Schumacher's landmark work

Demanding Democracy: Reinventing Politics for the 21st Century — Carne Ross

Project spotlight: Artisans Cooperative — Valerie Schafer Franklin.

Review of Fair & Equal by Daniel Chandler — Maxwell Jeffery 

Argomenti: Economics, Economy, News And Politics, Philosophy

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