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The Critic is Britain’s new monthly magazine for politics, ideas, art, literature and much more. Co-edited by Michael Mosbacher and Christopher Montgomery, The Critic exists to push back against a self-regarding and dangerous consensus that finds critical voices troubling, triggering, insensitive and disrespectful. The point is not provocation or trolling. The point of honest criticism is to better approach truth, not deny its possibility.

Ossified thought and a lack of intellectual rigour are depressing features of all sides of today’s political and cultural debate. Our writers will subscribe to no editorial line nor serve the interests of any party, faction or cause. We ask them to write because we expect them to be honest, and lucidly so. Look to our contributors and fault us if they are not. 

Contributors to the magazine include Jonathan Meades, Douglas Murray, Nick Cohen, Joshua Rozenberg, Anne McElvoy, Norman Lebrecht, Daniel Johnson, Lisa Hilton, Hannah Betts and Artists in Residence Adam Dant and Miriam Elia.

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In the July issue of The Critic, Tom Hamilton argues that there is more to Keir Starmer’s success than the sum of his opponents’ failings, and  Tony Blair’s former political secretary, John McTernan, sends the new  Prime Minister a memo setting out five rules for governing. Sam Bidwell gives rebuilding lessons to the remains of the Conservative Party, and  Daniel Johnson reflects on the purposefulness of politicians who fail in their mission to reshape politics.

Also, Sumantra Maitra and  Adam LeBor report from a Hungary that it is courting China but rejecting mass migration, Clive Aslet is appalled by Tate Britain’s treatment of the artist Rex Whistler, and Paul Burke explores how Britain’s publishing industry’s leading women have reshaped the books trade, Jacob Phillips salutes the 1990s as our last great decade, Sean Egan defends  Ringo Starr’s drumstick prowess, Anne McElvoy savours Kiss Me Kate and  Boris Starling salutes German’s footballing spaceman Thomas Müller.

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