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The World Today, founded in 1945, has now been published monthly for over sixty years. Throughout this period it has offered the best and brightest insights on current affairs — from the fallout of the Second World War, through the Cold War, into the information age and the ‘war’ on terror.

In an increasingly unpredictable world, The World Today presents authoritative analysis from Chatham House on a variety of current topics. It provides vital background for experts, business planners, academics and those curious about the world we live in.

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The Global South is rising. Many geopolitical events have led to this moment, including most recently the number of abstentions in 2022’s United Nations vote against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and the International Court of Justice case of genocide brought by South Africa against Israel, for its assault on Gaza. 
The West has taken for granted relationships built on its colonial past, argues Catherine Ashton, as she follows a trail of missed opportunities to meaningfully engage middle- to lower-income countries. Kishore Mahbubani charts the economic and political growth of the South, and Arif Lalani maps the new alliances forming outside the Euro-Atlantic halls of power. One longstanding group, the Commonwealth, looks ahead to appointing a new leader, reports Helen Fitzwilliam – and members hope this injects new life into what is seen as a tired organization. 
Daniel Drezner calls out the hypocrisy that stains relations between the West and South. In Sudan, the civil war threatens the stability of the region, says Alex de Waal. Meanwhile, Israel’s war against Hamas shows the futility of decades of conflict management in the region, argues Yossi Mekelberg. Crisis Group head, Comfort Ero, tells me what gives her hope in an age of increased conflict.
Roxanne Escobales, Editor

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