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Musicworks is a triannual arts magazine that explores innovative artists, ideas, and events in music and sound art, from a diversity of perspectives and places. Founded in Toronto in 1978 by notable music experimenters, Musicworks has remained a cornerstone of Canada’s creative-music scene while evolving into a genre-fluid magazine that connects artist, programming, educational, and audience communities across Turtle Island and around the world through its publication and outreach activities. 

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Musicworks 147 photobombs your soundworld and taps into bubbling micro-scenes. Writer/photographer Matt Horseman rides along with Halifax saxophonist, composer, and educator Andrew MacKelvie to capture his improvisatory times with New Hermitage ensemble and the revered Creative Music Workshop. In October 2023, five Canadian venues present a tour of experimental electronic artists on Indonesian DIY netlabel Yes No Wave Music for enthusiastic local audiences; original photos document the excitement, while Sara Constant traces the artists’ creative paths. During the pandemic, Sri Lankan-born Toronto violinist Aparna Halpé founded North America’s only all-female tango ensemble, Solidaridad Tango, to challenge the status quo while respecting the music’s heritage. Exploratory trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud steps out of her busy collaborative comfort zone into solo sonics and a debut recording. Blackfoot composer Sonny-Ray Day Rider channels grief into a stunning new work. New arts hub Currently Arts Society frontlines equity. Our reviewers cover Montreal’s Akousma, Alexa Woloshyn’s book An Orchestra at My Fingertips: A History of the Canadian Electronic Ensemble, and many new releases.

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