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Nursery World is the leading title for everyone in the early years community, and first published in 1925. It provides an invaluable mix of the latest news, research and opinion plus best practice and management advice from the top experts in the sector. It is essential reading for managers and practitioners involved in delivering early years education and childcare across the private, voluntary and public sectors.

Nursery World features:

Unrivalled news coverage with in-depth reports and updates on the frequent changes in Government policy

Professional advice from early years experts and key insights into childcare practice

Features linked to the four themes of the Early Years Foundation Stage: A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments, Learning and Development

Activity ideas across all areas of learning, including monthly A2 activity poster

Management advice on running your setting and the updates on policy guides affecting your business

Latest issue
Find out just how many nurseries are planning to offer more places to parents under the Government’s expanded childcare scheme and how they are addressing its financial and logistical challenges.
Discover which repetitive physical activities indoors and out are good for building children’s overall strength, endurance and stamina.
How are lockdown babies doing today? This month we investigate the long term effects of Covid by looking at how children from the most disadvantaged home have been affected.
What is best practice when it comes to gender equality? We talk to settings about what gender equity means in pursuit of achieving this for all children.
In this month’s activities our A – Z of enhancements focuses on ‘sharing’; STEM outdoors looks at pushing, pulling, gravity while a project on elephants gives children an understanding of wildlife and the opportunity to deliver technical skills for artworks. Meanwhile our guide to safeguarding in 2024 continues and this month’s managers’ problem page.

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