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Opera is the world’s leading magazine devoted to the operatic artform. Founded in 1950 it provides an extensive range of feature articles, interviews, listings and reviews – of live performances, books and recordings. Now incorporating the US publication Opera News, this range extends yet further, offering unrivalled worldwide coverage of events.

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Next month in Opera with Opera News…
  • Peter Gelb, the general manager of the Metropolitan Opera, in conversation with John Allison
  • Corrado Rovaris looks back at 25 transformative years in charge of Opera Philadelphia
  • Christophe Rousset, who conducts Porpora’s Ifigenia in Aulide in Bayreuth’s Margravial Opera House this month, talks to Brian Robins 
  • George Loomis rediscovers the music of Niccolò Jommelli, on the 250th anniversary of his death
  • Our rising star is the soprano Katrina Galka, who sings in The Handmaid’s Tale at San Francisco Opera this month

Subjects: Classical, Music, Opera

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  • First Issue: February 1950
  • Latest Issue: September 2024
  • Issue Count: 972
  • Published: Monthly
  • ISSN: 2059-6707
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