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The Catholic Herald is one of Britain’s leading Catholic publications, published monthly as a magazine. As well as carrying topical news items from the UK and the world, the Catholic Herald contains reviews and publishes in-depth interviews and special supplements for Easter and Christmas.

The Catholic Herald is a magazine of record and each issue contains leaders from the editorial staff and readers’ correspondence.

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John L Allen Jr on how the Synod may split the Church 

PLUS: Simon Caldwell ❘ Anthony Kenny ❘ Elise Ann Allen ❘ Alexandra Lloyd ❘ Lucien de Guise Anna Rowlands ❘ Cornelia van der Poll ❘ Fr Michael Collins ❘ Gertrude Clarke ❘ Serenhedd James 

Clash of the Prefects ✣ How the Punk Princess became a Defender of the Faith Integralism: How to lose friends ✣ Budapest Diary ✣ On Pilgrimage with Fra’ Max Flora Watkins: my life of exile ✣ Galway Revisited: the boom in US ancestor tourism 

Subjects: Culture, News, News And Politics, Philosophy, Religion

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  • First Issue: 7 February 2003
  • Latest Issue: October 2023
  • Issue Count: 919
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