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Delight in intriguing, thought-provoking conversations about ethics, philosophy, and social issues! After Dinner Conversation is a monthly literary magazine publishing short fiction. Each issue features both established writers and up-and-coming authors who contribute fascinating philosophical insights on controversial topics like marriage equality, assisted suicide, the meaning of death, animal rights and defining your “purpose.” It’s time to go deep in search of truth! If you love reading imaginative short stories on hot topics that make your brain think deeply but also have you laughing out loud... then this magazine is for you!

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Latest issue
"After Dinner Conversation" Magazine - September 2023

  • The Tennis Bracelet: A couple on a foreign vacation accidently steal a diamond.
  • Midsummer's Night: A student overdoses at an elite school and Niki knows the reluctant dealer.
  • Six Dart Out: Death gives a struggling bar owner a chance to spare his own life.
  • The Pool: A good-willed apartment complex owner deals with ever-complaining tenants as she attempts community improvements.
  • Recapturing The Spark: A married couple go on separate dates while texting each other.
  • Bill And The Tooth Fairy: Bill believes he has, literally, offended the tooth fairy.
  • Sienna's Monster: Sienna lives with a monster no one else can see.

Subjects: Literature, Philosophy

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  • First Issue: July 2020
  • Latest Issue: September 2023
  • Issue Count: 39
  • Published: Monthly