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An invaluable resource for potters, ceramicists, ceramic artists, collectors, enthusiasts and students, Ceramic Review has been inspiring ceramics communities since 1970.

Combining authoritative writing with top-quality photography, the bi-monthly magazine contains a range of features on historic and contemporary practice, as well as valued technical information, masterclasses, auction coverage for collectors, exclusive interviews and signposts to key events and exhibitions.

If you are passionate about ceramics, pottery, art and design, Ceramic Review will provide you with a window into the diverse workings of potters, ceramic artists, collectors and galleries from across the world.

Latest issue
Ceramic Review 328 features profiles of Julian Stair, Gabriele Koch and Lotte Westphael. 

Jane Audas discovers more about ceramics in Victorian culture by visiting Henry Willett’s Collection of Popular Pottery at the V&A Museum.

Irena Sibrijns tells us about the influences that have shaped her practice.

Cormac Lehnen reviews A Fine Line: Modern Makers at Pitzhanger Manor.

Award-winning artist SaeRi Seo, reveals the story behind her fragmented porcelain pieces.

Patia Davis takes us through the processes and techniques she uses to wheel-throw and slip-decorate one of her screw-threaded jars.

Julian King-Salter reveals the making process behind his latest creations, and Peter Sparrey shares two glaze recipes.

Subjects: Applied Art, Art, Ceramics, Crafts, Design

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  • First Issue: February 1970
  • Latest Issue: July/August 2024
  • Issue Count: 328
  • Published: Bi-monthly
  • ISSN: 2514-3425