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Crafts is the world's leading magazine devoted to making. Published by the Crafts Council UK, Crafts offers the latest news, reviews and opinion, alongside a selection of in-depth features, challenging essays and critical debate from the best writers in the business. Crafts champions high-quality contemporary craft practice nationally and internationally, as well as its impact on social, economic and cultural life.
The complete digital archive includes every issue of Crafts since 1973, providing readers with an unparalleled history of making; an essential resource for students, academics, researchers or anyone with an interest in craft.

Latest issue

The Autumn/Winter 2022 issue of Crafts, redesigned by design studio S-T and now twice the size, features a host of star names, including the furniture restorer and TV star Jay Blades on its cover. Highlights include a studio visit with the artist and poet Cecilia Vicuña, whose installation has taken over the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, as well as conversations with pioneering fashion designer Bethany Williams and weaver and performance artist Esna Su. Contributors include Booker prize-winning author Bernardine Evaristo, trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort and social entrepreneur and fashion designer Patrick Grant. Elsewhere, it explores the future of leather against a backdrop of ethical and environmental concerns; takes a deep-dive into the past, present and future of cotton; offers a peek behind the scenes of the London art foundry to the stars; and reviews the hottest handmade cannabis smoking accessories hitting the market following a wave of legalisation in north America.

Subjects: Art And Design, Art, Crafts, Culture

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  • First Issue: March/April 1973
  • Latest Issue: Autumn/Winter 2022
  • Issue Count: 300
  • Published: Biannually
  • ISSN: 2514-393X