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The Journal of Wound Care provides the latest evidence-based information and best practice procedures. Keep up-to-date on all aspects of wound care, including the prevention and treatment of wounds and associated skin conditions. All articles are peer-reviewed by an expert panel of advisors and reviewers, and include the latest state-of-the-art research and clinical practice articles. Subscribe now to make sure you receive the latest issue in newsstand as soon as it is published

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In this special EPUAP edition, which includes EPUAP free-paper abstracts, a preliminary conference programme and a comprehensive overview of the organisation’s pressure ulcer (PU) curriculum, we feature a number of education-focused articles including: a critical discussion on the theory and practice of PU/pressure injury (PI) assessment; a description of the development of the PRONEtect project which aimed to create accessible online educational content for clinicians on prone positioning and skin damage prevention; and an updated systematic review on assessing nurses’ attitudes towards PU prevention. There is also a study to analyse challenges in prospective observational studies evaluating PU costs and how to correctly price items, on the prevention of PIs using a non-motorised decompression air mattress as well as a pilot study on the positive effects of cold atmospheric plasma on wound pH. An evaluation of in-shoe plantar pressure and shear during walking for diabetic foot ulcer prevention is also described.
September’s edition also includes the North American Supplement which features the use of a dynamic tissue system and biological xenograft in complex traumatic wound closure is described. A case series examines the differential diagnosis of stage 2, 3 and 4 PIs of the pelvis and lower extremity, and a case report and literature review focuses on sclerotherapy and its complications. The proceedings of the Leaders in Wound Healing conference are also presented.
Research supplement papers (online only) include a study on PU prevention devices in the management of older patients at risk after hospital discharge; an in vitro antibacterial study of Carbopol-mastic gum/silver nanoparticle-based topical gels with carvacrol/neem bark extract; the treatment of fungal infection on left ventricle assist device driveline exit site; and a comparison of Biatain Ag and Biatain Alginate Ag dressings on skin graft donor sites.

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