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Le Monde Diplomatique -- just LMD or the Diplo to its many readers -- is a famous voice in world journalism, published in 30 languages. It offers in-depth analysis of current affairs and intelligent firsthand reporting. The monthly English edition is a concise version of the French parent edition. It is distributed in digital form by Exact Editions.

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 …  US isn’t finding it easy to stop Houthi attacks off Yemen; what’s behind Sudan’s long and bloody civil war? ISIS is back, and it’s not a spent force; Arab states’ abandonment of the Palestinians; China, new power, old order; will Russia’s war in Ukraine will make it more dependant on China? Ukraine’s Hungarian community is slowly disappearing; international law, once a set of ideas, now a real force; Rezső Kasztner, the man who saved Jews from Auschwitz; foreign doctors fight for a fair deal in France; climate, can we adapt to +4°C?

Subjects: News, News And Politics

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  • First Issue: January 2006
  • Latest Issue: March 2024
  • Issue Count: 219
  • Published: Monthly
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