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Established in Milan in 2006, Mousse Magazine traces the currents of contemporary culture through feature articles, interviews, and conversations among the most vivid voices in international criticism, along with emerging talents and key figures in the cultural debate. With its reinforced emphasis on textuality and critical thinking, Mousse is more a book than a magazine and a key touchstone for academics, artists, curators, and collectors.

Alongside Mousse’s surveys, monographs, thematic essays, short profiles, fiction and book reviews, the restyled format of Issue #84 inaugurated four new columns: CRITICISM, an arena to inspire discourse and encourage conversation around the current terms of art criticism, each year, an appointed editor invites a range of contributors to address an overarching concern; THINKERS, devoted to influential thinkers who are shaping cultural discourse and theory; CURATORS, a space for affiliated and independent organizers to openly define their approaches to contemporary exhibition-making; and REPRINT, reviving and recirculating foundational texts that are no longer readily available.

Published quarterly, Mousse has broad distribution in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Asia. With its complete archive in a fully browsable format and completely searchable text, Mousse is now digitally available for experts, collectors, libraries and art colleges internationally.

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Latest issue
- MONOGRAPH: In Your Head: The Art of Ali Eyal by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie 
- FICTION: After the Volcano by Olivia Sudjic
- SURVEY: Anna Oppermann
(A) Droste Effect Dan Byers, Phung-Tien Phan, and Wendy Vogel in conversation
(B) Subversion of the Subject by Nicholas Tammens
- MONOGRAPH: Aleksandra Kašuba’s Spaces for Senses by Inesa Brašiškė
- THINKERS: Samuel R. Delany: Tête-Bêche by Mark von Schlegell
- REPRINT: “Long Distance Music” (1977) and five text pieces by Maryanne Amacher, selected by Lauren Cornell
- CRITICISM: A Dance to the Music of Fucked-Up Time by Anahid Nersessian, invited by the column’s overarching editor Kerstin Stakemeier
- CURATORS: Overcoming the Self-Constraints of International Survey Exhibitions by Liu Ding and Carol Yinghua Lu 
- TIDBITS: Benoît Piéron by Alex Bennett; Fedir Tetyanych by Krzysztof Kościuczuk; Maria Toumazou by Gianmaria Andreetta; Coumba Samba by Camila Palomino; Kiyan Williams by Philipp Hindahl
- VISUAL: Everything at Once by Roe Ethridge, featuring a conversation between the photographer and Stephanie LaCava
- BOOKS REVIEWS by Asad Raza 

Subjects: Art And Design, Art

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  • First Issue: Mousse 1 - May 2006
  • Latest Issue: Mousse 86 - Winter 2024
  • Issue Count: 86
  • Published: Quarterly