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Speedway Star is a weekly publication giving news from speedway tracks to enthusiasts and riders. It contains news from events and meetings around the world as well as interviews with riders, results from the weeks competitions and more!

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TOBIASZ Musielak’s injury absence from King’s Lynn’s Premiership line-up has led to consternation in the top flight in recent weeks – and in this week’s magazine, the Pole explains his side of the story. “Basically, I broke my collarbone and I wish it was only this. I broke my tibia last year and had torn ankle ligaments and in the recent crash my left foot was damaged again when I hit the track with the speed during the fall. Luckily the tibia bone is all okay but I damaged ankle ligaments again and this pain is much more uncomfortable than the broken collarbone. Every step I take reminds me that I am a living human! I am still at the physio four or five days a week and doing many exercises at home as well. That’s very boring but it’s much needed at the moment. I came back to racing three weeks ago in Krosno but, to be honest, that was far too early and I didn’t finish all my programmed races. So for several weeks it’s just been full of physio focusing on recovery from the pain.”

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