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The European Business Review is a bi-monthly journal bringing you features on leadership, strategy and global management issues. 

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Browse articles by top scholars, consultants, senior executives, and global leaders. Take a look at writing that provides revelatory analysis straight from the experts, with a unique blend of indispensable insight, current best practices and breakthrough ideas on innovative business solutions.

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Join our international audience of leaders and their teams in large and multinational companies and organisations, and policy makers in NGOs and government institutions. Our readers are investors, both individual and institutional. They are bankers, both private and corporate. They are economists, both macro and micro. They are opinion leaders and decision makers who influence the way millions think and perceive the world in which we live. 

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Rise above your competitors and make informed decisions with business innovation and insightful analysis from global experts. Our writers reveal the dynamics and mechanisms that are the drivers of the financial and business markets, and explore the underlying trends driving global financial and business behaviour. 

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The European Business Review publishes innovative perspectives on issues that have significant influence in the world globally. We welcome research, ideas, opinions and insights on business, finance, management and industry.

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Leading the Gen AI Revolution: Building Workers’ Trust to Reinvent Work in Europe
How to Put Curiosity to Work in Your Organisaton
Towards the Building of Organisational Resilience: Mapping the Essential Features
Designing Organisational Ecosystems & Overcoming Barriers to Implementation
Flexible Public Holiday Arrangements: An Example of an Efficiency Wage
Lucky by Design: Five Clever Attitudes to Tilt Odds in Your Favor
The Concept of Enduring Happiness as a Panacea to Work/Life Goals
How to Navigate the Complexities of the EU Supply Chain Law
Models to Scale ESG Metrics and Data

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