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The Jewish Quarterly has cultivated literary journalism of the highest standard for almost 70 years. It is an independent publication that explores Jewish issues, and issues of humanity from a Jewish perspective.

The Jewish Quarterly is published four times a year – in February, May, August and November. Each issue features a major political or cultural theme, investigated in long-form essays by prominent voices from around the world. JQ’s mission is not to advocate, but to investigate complex and pressing matters of politics, religion, history and culture, and to do so in depth.

Founded in 1953 by Jacob Sonntag, JQ’s new editor is Jonathan Pearlman. The Jewish Quarterly is published out of Australia and is distributed and accessible worldwide.

Latest issue

This issue of The Jewish Quarterly explores the rich, tragic, tumultuous history of the Jews of Ukraine, who have played a pivotal role in modern religious, cultural and intellectual Jewish life. Ukraine has been the site of some of the darkest moments in Jewish history, yet its Jews were central to the foundation of the Hasidic and Zionist movements and to the advancement of Hebrew and Yiddish literature, as well as to the evolution of modern-day Ukraine.

In a probing essay, Vladislav Davidzon, who has been observing and writing about Ukrainian Jewish life for more than a decade, explores the turbulent history and uncertain future of a community whose fate has often had repercussions for the world beyond.

The issue also includes an essay by David Herman on the first seventy years of The Jewish Quarterly, a feature by Tali Lavi on the unusual Yiddish renaissance unfolding in Australia's second-largest city, an account by Harvey Belovski of a life-changing event that shaped the philosophy of Maimonides, and more.

Subjects: Culture, Philosophy, Religion

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  • First Issue: Vol 1, No. 1 Spring 1953
  • Latest Issue: February 2023
  • Issue Count: 236
  • Published: Quarterly
  • ISSN: 2326-2516