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Wanderlust is the UK’s leading magazine for independent-minded and adventurous travellers. Founded in 1993, Wanderlust combines the right mix of wildlife, activities and cultural insight – not to mention inspirational writing and photography – packed with truly impartial information and fresh ideas.

How far can you travel on £250? How about a week on Spain’s Camino de Santiago, a long weekend In Jordan, or six days in Kosovo or Morocco – just a handful of the budget adventures undertaken by Wanderlust readers for our 25 trips under £250 special feature. Find out how they all got on (including one rescue by coast guard) in our trial issue.

Also in the trial issue are two true trips of a lifetime: a 14-page guide to visiting Antarctica, and TV naturalist Mark Carwardine’s account of meeting mountain gorillas in Uganda.

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April/May 2024
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Join wildlife presenter Kate Humble as she goes in search of a new angle on Tanzania’s grasslands on the first-ever trans-Serengeti balloon trip 

Music USA
America’s story is written in song – gospel, blues, rock, country, soul – so we asked those who know it by heart to pick the destinations that still reverberate to the sounds of the States 

As Albania wrestles with the impact of a growing number of visitors on its busy coast, one answer may lie in the country's historic towns and rural homestays

New Caledonia
Exploring the customs and traditions of New Caledonia’s Indigenous Kanak communities ensures visitors see more than just a tropical Melanesian island 

Austria: Trip Planner
We pick the perfect routes to make the most of Austria’s Alpine majesty, cultured cities and sensational food and wine

Saskatchewan, Canada 
A new wave of experiences is shining a light on an Indigenous history that has been ignored for too long

Capitals of Culture
Three cities in three weeks! We head to 2024’s European Capitals of Culture (Tartu, Bad Ischl, Bodø) to see what titles like this actually do for local communities, cities and the visitors they attract
Beautiful Libraries – These spectacular libraries tell their own story
Georgia, USA – Visiting America’s potential next national park
Urban Spotlight – An in-depth look at India’s Golden Triangle
Departures – The best new wildlife trips
WanderSleeps – South Australia escapes in incredible settings
Set-Jetting – How One Day made us fall in love with Europe all over again

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  • Issue Count: 120
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