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Wanderlust is the UK’s leading magazine for independent-minded and adventurous travellers. Founded in 1993, Wanderlust combines the right mix of wildlife, activities and cultural insight – not to mention inspirational writing and photography – packed with truly impartial information and fresh ideas.

How far can you travel on £250? How about a week on Spain’s Camino de Santiago, a long weekend In Jordan, or six days in Kosovo or Morocco – just a handful of the budget adventures undertaken by Wanderlust readers for our 25 trips under £250 special feature. Find out how they all got on (including one rescue by coast guard) in our trial issue.

Also in the trial issue are two true trips of a lifetime: a 14-page guide to visiting Antarctica, and TV naturalist Mark Carwardine’s account of meeting mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Latest issue
June/July 2024 
Enjoy articles on… 
Travel Green List 2024™ 
It’s back! A year on from our first look at the good being done in sustainable travel, we celebrate more people, places and projects making a difference 
Friedrichs Germany 
250 years since the birth of the artist Caspar David Friedrich, we explore the landscapes that inspired Germany’s greatest Romantic painter 
Central Java 
With new rules ensuring the survival of Buddhist monument Borobudur for the future, we untangle the influences that made this region Indonesia’s cultural centre 
Discover for yourself why this forward-thinking Spanish city is this year’s European Green Capital 
Alberta: Trip Planner 
This Canadian province is home to Indigenous culture, towering peaks, fossils, plains and deserts. We plot the perfect routes to explore them all 
Caribbean Nature 
The Caribbean’s diversity of habitats means the region is host to some incredible wildlife 
As Tainan celebrates its 400th anniversary, we take the opportunity to see how its historic streets compare to uber-modern capital Taipei 
Republic of the Congo – Come face to face with western lowland gorillas 
Virginia, USA – How the state’s Historic Triangle finally embraced the stories of its Indigenous and Black peoples 
Departures – The cruises making the most of the world’s greatest rivers 
World Heritage – Why there’s more to learn about China’s Terracotta Army 
Museum Cities – The institutions putting the ‘grand’ into the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 
Set-Jetting – Explore the Star Wars locations that inspired a generation of set-jetters  

Subjects: Adventure, Culture, Exploration, Lifestyle, Travel, Wildlife

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  • Issue Count: 121
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